How do I work?

We will usually sit in chairs, on the floor. I am comfortable with working with movement, posture and artwork. We can work with problems related to sleeping and you are free to lie down.

Sessions typically start with a quiet orientating few minutes then we will see what is there for you and move from there. Much of the session will be seeing what is arising in the moment and in our relationship and the influence of past events in your life. We usually finish with a brief contemplative checking in as how the sessions was for each of us, then close with a short quiet spell.

There will be periodic reviews of our progress during which you will be asked to consider how you are now and how you may have changed as seen by yourself and as others see you. I may invite you to answer some simple questions so that we can keep track of your progress.

I see clients in Glasgow in an area easily accessible by bus, underground and by car which has plenty of free parking at all times.