What is Core Process Psychotherapy?:

Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) has its roots in Buddhist mindfulness awareness practice and Buddhist psychology along with Western developmental psychology and neuroscience. I believe Core Process Psychotherapy offers a sensitive relationship opportunity to bring a deeper appreciation of how things work within our own experience and the world we live in.

It is a joint journey between client and therapist which can be illuminating and healing. CPP os based on an experiential belief that each of us within us carries the keys to unravel whatever problems & challenges we are encountering. And that a therapeutic relationship can help us find and use these keys and resources more successfully.

I work on my understanding that each of us, and only us as individuals, is the expert on ourselves and that it is this that has the power to be changing and curative through Core Process Psychotherapy.

I see the facets of ourselves as ever changing – a process that is inviting us to react or respond in new ways. This can give us the potential to modify ourselves or work through pain and distress from moment to moment, continuing to grow and learn. In this sense, CPP practitioners work on the assumption that increased awareness is curative.

It is my belief that however out of touch we may feel, however doubtful about our inner strengths, that we may be able to tap into this inner core and find potential for well being and inner awareness.

In practice Core Process Psychotherapy is very gentle and aims to provide a safe holding place where we may together explore your inner self.